Polish prostitutes are back to work

Recent months have been terrible difficult for the whole world. The difficult times caused by COVID 19 had a very negative impact on everyone’s life. The economy of each country collapsed, panic broke out on the stock exchange. The stock exchange in each country recorded a significant decline. On the Polish stock exchange, securities dropped almost 30%. A similar situation has also occurred in the prostitute industry. Sexual services have become almost difficult to access for men, and as you know, the basis for good mental health is regular sex with a woman.
 At its peak, the number of sex ads on the Polish Internet fell by almost 40%, which had a very negative impact on the entire sex industry. The girls stopped providing sexual services standing by the roads. Just aimless standing on the road was all illegal through the epidemic. On the internet, girls were afraid to receive customers. Services such as GFE and kisses during an epidemic are not provided by most female representatives. Fortunately for all, we can say that the crisis in Poland is passing and we are already slowly returning to normalcy. Soon it will be possible to fly planes from Great Britain to Poland and as you know tourists from Western Europe like Polish cheap prostitutes.
 As we have noticed on the largest Polish websites with sex advertisements of models, prostitutes, gentlemen’s club or transgender people, the number of ads returned to that from before the epidemic. It’s a huge increase and return to normalcy. Today, mental health can return to normal when all men have access to sexual services. It is true that many prostitutes do not provide kiss service, GFE and blowjob without condom for safety reasons, these are more and more girls. There are cases that girls ask customers to wash their hands with disinfectant soap and inform customers that the apartment is disinfected after using the sexual service.
 We checked and the girls have not yet returned to work on the road. However, in Poland, very few prostitutes always worked on the road. The prices of prostitutes remained at the same level despite the economic crisis. Interestingly, in other industries they have changed sometimes for plus time for minutes. As you can see, the erotic industry has survived this terrible time without major problems.